St Cecilia Orchestra

Ripon’s renowned St Cecilia Orchestra is much more than just an orchestra.
At its most spectacular it is an exceptionally fine and very large symphony orchestra, often working with top class international soloists and capable of giving high-quality performances


Friends and Donors

Friends are an essential for St. Cecilia and help to give the orchestra some financial stability.

St Cecilia Orchestra

The Friends scheme runs as follows:

  1. We ask each individual patron for a donation. A minimum of £30 is suggested.
    If you are a UK taxpayer we are able to claim gift aid on your donation.
    We can send you a gift aid form for this.
  2. Renewals fall due at the end of August for ease of administration.
    If you become a Friend in the few months prior to this, you will not be asked for a renewal until the following August.
    Similarly, in the few months after August, a pro rata payment is entirely acceptable (based on a minimum suggested donation of £30 per person).
  3. There is no ticket discount.  We were encouraged by many Friends not to discount tickets because of ever increasing costs. 
    We hope that you understand the need to do this.
  4. Reserved seats are available for Patrons on request. Please contact Paul Baily for this (see below).

St Cecilia Orchestra is one of the best non-professional orchestras in the country.
It really is amazing how many quality players live locally to Ripon and love to play in it. We also attract the best soloists. Recently we heard Alexei Grynyuk’s extraordinary Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto, Emma Johnson giving an exquisite performance of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and Tasmin Little playing the Bruch Violin Concerto 1 beautifully.

There are some fantastic concerts this season. Beethoven’s ground breaking 9th (Choral) Symphony is on October 21st. Next year we welcome Chloe Hanslip to play the Sibelius violin concerto and there is also Shostakovich Symphony No.9 to look forward to. None of this is to be missed!

The orchestra is a real and tangible asset for Ripon.
Our concerts are well attended, especially in the Cathedral. People really do want to hear a good orchestral without having to travel far.

£30 is a little more than 50 pence per week, and we hope that you will consider this to be excellent value to help sustain the orchestra.
For your information, please click here to see a chart which shows where the money goes.

To make initial contact, with a view to becoming a Friend or Donor, please complete the form opposite or write (either enclosing a cheque or to arrange a meeting).

The following information is required of Friends and Patrons:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Post code
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (if possible).

You can send us your information by completing the form or post the information to:

Ripon St Cecilia Society Ltd
6 Westgate
Thirsk YO7 1QS

Cheques should be made payable to 'Ripon St Cecilia Society Ltd'.